FSA Board backs mandatory full ingredient labelling for PPDS food.

Post on 09th May 2019 by Hannah Wild

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advised that increased allergen information should be provided on pre-packed direct sale food to give consumers greater confidence in the food they eat, as within one year 4,500 hospital admissions are from food allergies.

The FSA Board at a public meeting yesterday, set out key priorities identified as part of an ambition to make the UK the best place for food hypersensitive consumers, which includes those with food allergy and intolerance i.e dairy.

The Board agreed on advice for Ministers that full ingredient labelling should be mandatory for all pre-packed food for direct sale.

The FSA agrees with allergic consumers that full ingredient labelling would deliver a significant improvement, and greater consistency by following the same labelling system that consumers are familiar with, as found on packaged food and this would support Natasha’s Law.

“The advice for ministers from the FSA Board matches that of NT Assure to its clients, said Ellis Northover. The recent consultation was an opportunity to improve consumer safety and transparency for those consumers who want to know what is in their food”.

NT Assure has developed an ingredient management solution to enable users to provide accurate ingredient and allergen information which is already being adopted by leading brands.

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