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Collaborate with your suppliers - comply with the Food Information Regulations

Smart Supplier is a collaborative environment to find, connect and share ingredient information with your supply chain.

It does not matter if you are retailer, caterer, wholesaler, manufacturer or agent, with a Smart Supplier connected licence you can share information securely about your business and your products to demonstrate due diligence.

Smart Supplier can be implemented to manage your supply chain assurance, your product specifications or simply to provide structure to your product listing processes through our intuitive user interface.

The software captures product data providing a central repository of information for all stakeholders within the supply chain. Our sophisticated validation IP ensures that the data submitted to the Smart Supplier data pool is of the highest quality, which is essential for businesses demonstrating compliance to the food information for consumer regulations EU 1169/2011.

“Smart Supplier is an integrated approach to procurement, development and safety, reassuringly supported by food compliance specialists passionate about food quality and customer service…” Founder, Tim Betts

Effective collaboration between internal and external stakeholders underpins the success of a new product listing. Using our practical experience of this challenging business process the Smart team have developed a suite of features to ensure effective communication between key stakeholders, improving the timeliness of the listing process.

Ingredient, allergen, nutritional and dietary information is presented in an intuitive and easy to understand format, which can be configured to individual client needs. The architecture of the application is highly configurable producing an interface which can be tailored to your specific requirements, to slip seamlessly into your workflow.

The app validates supplier information at the point of entry and includes our unique Allergen Taxonomy IP, reducing the burden on your resources and ensuring a high degree of confidence in the accuracy and quality of the data provided.

Smart Supplier is deployed via a web portal which can be configured to provide your customers with secure access to your product specifications.

The simplicity of its design reduces the data processing burden on your team and with a suite of mobile, tablet and desktop applications you can instantly access information from anywhere.

Now that’s Smart!

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Food Safety Consultants

NT Assure Ltd

Our supply chain software is designed by industry experts

Smart Supplier is used by some of the largest food companies within the UK to assure the quality of their ingredient data.

The app is simple and intuitive to use

It has an engaging design which stimulates stakeholder collaboration

Product specifications are FIC 1169/2011 compliant

Our unique Allergen Taxonomy IP ensure data of the highest quality

With a high degree of configuration Smart Supplier feels like a bespoke solution

A complete solution to your supply chain assurance requirements


‘Smart helps us maintain accurate food information data to share at point of sale with our customers. The Smart platform makes it simple and quick for our suppliers to share their supply chain data and show they are complying with our sourcing requirements with real time accuracy.

We believe one of Smart’s strengths is its methodology of validating the data before approving menu items. This offers high levels of reliability for our customers and ensures we comply with the law.

I would recommend Smart to companies looking to improve the way their manage their supply chain and effectively communicate ingredient, allergen & dietary information to customers on any channel.’

Head of Safety – Mitchells & Butlers


‘Smart Supplier provides immediate access to my supplier data with the mobile app, it underpins our compliance position and has become an essential business tool!’

Technical Manager – Cakehead


‘Smart Supplier is the cornerstone of our specification and complaint management system, which is a key requirement of the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers. Smart Supplier also enables us to manage our allergen data and communicate it effectively to our customers.’

Managing Director – Scandic Foods