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‘Our success lies with our beliefs, values and our people. We engage with our customers, recruit bright and creative minds, and utilise emerging technologies to provide a unique proposition to our clients.’

Tim Betts – Founder


Welcome to NT Assure Ltd – A food safety and compliance consultancy that develops innovative due diligence software and provides professional technical services to the food industry.

NT Assure, formerly NT Food Technical has been established for more than 10 years providing specialist technical services to the food industry.

NT works in many different sectors of the food industry from ‘field to fork’ and have a software and consultancy portfolio of recognised high street food service and retail brands. Our highly skilled, specialist food category technologists can advise on all aspects of food safety, quality and legality.


In addition to providing excellent standards of service our success lies in our ability to build strong long term relationships with our clients through flexible, innovative technical services.

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants are on hand to advise your business on all issues relating to food safety.  What’s more, we have products tailored to help save time and costs – making your due diligence position even stronger.

Our online apps are all tailored to enable the food industry to manage and improve the safety, quality and legality of their food products. We help our clients add value to their operations, to deliver their goals and obligations within an ever changing regulatory framework.

Our Philosophy

Quality & Innovation

‘A passion to challenge the status quo, deliver excellence, and a belief to think differently is at the heart of everything we do!’

Tim Betts

The quality of our service delivery is fundamental to our success and we work hard to ensure that we deliver consistent, client focused technical services.


Our value positioning is supported by our extensive pool of talent. We are able to provide professional technical services tailored to your particular food sector.

The NT Assure proposal contains a technical mix of food industry consultants, software developers and project managers to guide you through complex technical and compliance issues, freeing up your resources to spend more time on added value tasks.


‘A trusted supplier’

We have entered into a significant number of on going client relationships, many of which span the life of the business. With a team of conscientious individuals we have become a trusted supplier to many of our clients, who have faith in our business to consistently deliver our high quality technical services.