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Each of our carefully selected partnerships were chosen to help provide you with superior business value, working with our food safety consultants to raise the bar in the industry.

Our Partners


NT Assure and Brother are working together to provide food labels for food-to-go, restaurants and casual dining companies. 

With new regulation mandating full listings on ingredients on all Pre-Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) products, Brother’s labelling solutions for PPDS foods make it easy and efficient for you to maintain the highest food labelling standards - protecting your customers and your business.

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Serve Legal

To accelerate progress towards eliminating risk to life and wellbeing in out-of-home eating, NT Assure have collaborated with Serve Legal to develop a new Customer Experience Allergen Audit.

Designed for the food-to-go, hospitality and food service industry, the audit is designed to reduce risk and improve customer experience around allergens.

The collaboration combines the expertise, national coverage and capacity of Serve Legal’s 2,500+ auditing community with NT Assure’s technical services and allergen reputation in the food safety space.

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Aligning closely with our ethos of safety, assurance and longevity, FriPura is the leading manufacture of ceramic filters designed to extend the lifespan of cooking oil in retail outlets. 

NT Assure has partnered with FriPura to become the exclusive distribution partner for their filters for the pub and casual dining sector. 

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