Allergen Labelling | PPDS solution | Natasha's Law 2021

Katie Paterson

December 8, 2020

Allergen labelling is extremely important in the hospitality industry, without it people will not know if the food they are eating poses a danger to their health.

If your product contains any of the 14 allergens they must be declared. This gives customers complete transparency so they can confidently eat knowing the food is safe.

Some foods currently do not need to be labelled with allergen information. These are foods that are prepacked for direct sale (PPDS). PPDS products have been packaged on the same premises in which they are sold.

However, this is about to change, the UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law is being introduced on the 1st October 2021.

The introduction of Natasha’s law means that all PPDS foods will need to be labelled with a full ingredient list with highlighted allergens from October 2021 in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This is to give customers the allergen information they need.

Guidance template (

If you sell takeaway food, you must be able to provide allergen information before the purchase of the food is complete and ensure allergen information is provided when the food is delivered. This gives customers with food allergies the opportunity to select food that is suitable for them to eat and check upon delivery that the food is safe.

If you’re a business in the hospitality industry you must be aware of the 14 major allergens and which foods they appear in to keep your customers safe.

The 14 major allergens are:

-       Cereals containing gluten

-       Egg

-       Milk

-       Lupin

-       Tree Nuts

-       Fish

-       Crustaceans

-       Mustard

-       Sesame

-       Sulphur dioxides and sulphites

-       Molluscs

-       Peanuts

-       Soya


How can we help?

NT Assure can help you get your business’s allergen labelling solution in place. We work alongside our partner Brother to offer an in-house printing solution.

NT Assure has a team of technical and regulatory technologists on hand to provide professional food specification writing, pack copy, and label compliance services.

Now, more than ever, communicating accurate information about food is an essential pre-requisite for food businesses, ensuring food safety, provenance and legal compliance is achieved. 

Our PPDS solution will allow you to manage your food information from a tablet or another device, when you’ve entered your product information, you can print – all ready for the product to go on sale.

This solution works for firms that have a singular product or several hundred.

This is a cost-effective labelling solution for businesses who want to get ahead of the game and get started now, providing safe reliable allergen information to help protect consumers before the implementation of Natasha’s Law coming into effect October 2021.


Our labelling solution has won an award!!

We entered our Smart Chef PPDS Solution in the SOFHT Awards this year and we won!

This solution was bought to market a year earlier before Natasha’s Law comes into place in October 2021.

For the Best New Product Award, we entered our Smart Chef application which is the powerhouse behind our new prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) solution which allows food businesses to operate in line with Natasha’s Law.



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