Allergen Menus

Molly Colbert

October 28, 2021

An allergen menu highlights all allergens within each dish at an eatery to enable customers to make an informed choice and feel safe when dining out.

A menu shows the customer what dishes are available to order and is required to state the full allergen information per dish.

Allergen information is a legal requirement for customers to be provided with and it is imperative that restaurants make it easily accessible for all consumers. This can be achieved through a hard copy in-house or a digital copy on the website or app.

To ensure due diligence, most restaurant servers will additionally ask each customer if they have any allergies, intolerances, or dietary requirements when they arrive at their table and will make a note on their order.

The 14 Major Allergens

·   Celery

·  Cereals containing gluten

·  Crustaceans

·   Eggs

·   Fish

·   Lupin

·   Milk

·   Molluscs

·   Mustard

·   Peanuts

·   Sesame

·   Soybeans

·   Sulphur dioxide & sulphites

·   Tree nuts

Allergen Menus Now

Due to COVID-19, the traditional paperback allergen menus are a thing of the past. The dining experience has changed to relying upon digital menus, such as allergen menus, which can be accessed through QR codes.

The digital online menus have massively modernised the industry, customers can now make informed food decisions using the information provided online without having to ask a member of staff, which can be daunting to some.

The dining-out experience is almost completely digitalised, allowing customers to book a table, check the menu, order, and pay all from a mobile device. This has allowed an opportunity for food business operators (FBOs) to put their allergen menus online.

Having menus accessible online allows customers to view the food options at home before they eat out. By not providing allergen menus online, eateries may lose consumers as they may be fearful that they will not have access to an allergen menu in-house due to COVID-19.

What Can We Do to Help?

Here at NT Assure we offer compliance and accuracy checks on documentation to ensure that FBOs have industry-standard allergen menus.

We also offer intuitive digital menu solutions, such as our point-of-sale menu management software Smart Menu. This solution can provide customers with real-time food information, such as nutrition and allergen information bespoke to brands. Therefore, customer engagement can be improved as the food information provided is trustworthy and ensures food awareness when eating out.

Smart Menu provides customers with reliable food information when dining out. The software can be integrated into a brand image and can drive online allergen menus with the ability for customers to apply filters to the menu so that it is personalised to an individual’s dietary requirements.

The data provided in Smart Menu is updated in real-time from the recipe-management system, Smart Chef. The software is a live, online recipe management system that can store all menu information in one place. All data used for nutrition and allergen information is accurate and will update as supply-chains change, ensuring that allergen menus are reliable.

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