Allergy Symposium 2020

Hannah Wild

February 27, 2020

On the 25th February, Darryl Thomson presented at the first FSA Allergy Symposium 2020. His presentation focused on getting the supply chain right to improve the quality of life for food-allergic consumers.

Part of his presentation focused on a simple framework called “E.R.I.C” designed to help large businesses and SMEs take steps to deal with allergens in their kitchens.

“E.R.I.C” triggered some interest at the Q&A at the end of the session and quite a lot of social media activity during and after the Symposium.

E.R.I.C framework for kitchens to deal with allergens:

·     Eliminate

Remove unnecessary allergic ingredients

·      Replace

            Move to ‘free from’ versions

·     Isolate

            Separate foods with allergic ingredients

·     Communicate

             Inform customers of the residual risk

Darryl raised his concerns around the use of ‘static data’, where restaurants use printed allergen folders that cannot be kept up to date during the lifetime of a menu. The food supply chain is dynamic with constant updates, meaning that static information will become increasingly inaccurate over time.  

Digital technology such as Smart Supplier replaces static data with live data so that the allergen information provided to customers remains up to date and safe.