Check your knowledge | Do you know what is PPDS and what isn't? | Natasha's Law 2021

February 2, 2021

What is PPDS?

PPDS food are products that are packaged before being offered for sale by the same food business to the final consumer. This can be on the same premises, on the same site, or on other premises if the food offered for sale is from a moveable/temporary premises.

Food is considered prepacked when put into packaging before being offered for sale and is either fully or partly enclosed by the packaging, PPDS products cannot be altered without opening or changing packaging when is ready to sell to the final consumer.

All PPDS foods must be labelled with:

• The name of the food

• A list of ingredients with any of the 14 allergens list in the EU FIC.

What food is considered prepacked for direct sale?

• Bakery goods which are packaged before a customer selects them

• Fast food which is wrapped before selected/ordered.

• Boxed salads

• Foods which are packed by a business and sold in retail units on where the food was packaged e.g. train stations, hospitals and universities

• A butcher who makes burgers and sausages on the same premises

• Foods which are pre-weighed and packaged e.g. cheese or meats from the counter

• A paper plate which is covered in clingfilm

What food is NOT considered prepacked for direct sale?

Food which is NOT in packaging: food that is loose before a consumer selects or orders then packaged afterwards.

• Fruit

• Deli sandwiches

• Unwrapped pick ‘n’ mix sweets

• Counter served popcorn

• Fast food which was not packaged at the point of order

Prepacked food: Food offered or sold by a different business to one which packaged it / Food offered or sold at a different location to where it was packaged.

• Chocolate bars

• Sweets.

• Crisps

• Biscuits

Distance Selling: Food which is delivered or ordered online, by mail, or by telephone

• Takeaway food e.g. your local Chinese

• Pizza Deliveries

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If you need any further guidance please find out more here: Guidance template