Contract Caterers & Food Safety | PPDS 2021

Katie Paterson

January 18, 2021

Contract Caterers

A contract caterer prepares meals for another company or organisation instead of the public. However, they must follow the same food safety legislations, such as Natasha’s Law.

Prepacked for direct sale, or PPDS, products are food products put into packaging before they are sold. For a product to be PPDS, it must be prepared, packed and sold on the same premises.

Contract Caterer’s often sell PPDS products, for example a canteen at school selling sandwiches in packaging. Or prepacked products placed in a hot hold, such as soup or wraps.

Natasha’s Law is being introduced in October 2021, meaning that all PPDS foods sold will need to be individually labelled with the name of the food, the full ingredient list, and allergens highlighted.

All Contract Caterer’s will have to establish a PPDS Solution to continue serving PPDS products.

Which foods are classed as PPDS?

PPDS products have the following characteristics:

-       Packaged in the same premises that they are being sold

-       Is packed before the customer selects or orders it

-       Food that is completely, or partly enclosed by its packaging

-       Food that is ready for final sale to the customer

Some examples of PPDS food?

-       Sandwiches packed in the same building which they are being sold in

-       Bakery products that are packed before the customer selects them

-       Packed food being sold at a market store that was packed by the same business that’s selling it

-       Burgers/sausages in packaging at a butchers, that are packed on the premises that they are being sold in

-       Prepacked foods being offered in schools, hospitals and care homes

NT Assure’s solution

We are food safety consultants and we offer a fully comprehensible PPDS Solution service which is available to anyone selling PPDS products, even on the move caterers.

Our software application ‘Smart Chef’ will hold data for each product you are selling. Smart Chef will store the products ingredients, suppliers, portions, nutritional data and much more.

Your business will receive a Brother UK printer and a tablet device, all included in the PPDS solution bundle. The tablet will be connected to Smart Chef, meaning you can use it to print labels for your products, in-store, as you are packaging the food.

For example, you have just made and packed 50 cheese sandwiches. You simply put the information into the tablet, select the number of labels that you need, and print. The labels are versatile for all products as they are not affected by the heat of a hot hold. Our electronic solution will give your business dependable PPDS labels that are directly linked to our food information system, so even when there are ingredient changes, the system will automatically update.

For more information on our PPDS Solution, download our PPDS Whitepaper here.