Emily's 1 Month Reflection

Emily Jones

August 12, 2021

The transition from studying at university to working with a company was a bigger shift then I had expected. I had to change my mentality from a student to a young working professional.

The first major difference I experienced was the early rise in the mornings. Before starting at NT I was doing all my lectures over zoom, allowing me to roll out of bed at 5 to 9 to join the lecture. However, now I have to be in office for 8:30am which means waking up a lot earlier than I am used to. Although I found this difficult at the start, after 4 weeks I'm getting used to it.

I started at the beginning of July as a Business Analyst from Nottingham Trent University where I study BA Business. I wanted to go on a placement to gain business experience before heading into my final year.

Just like starting university, when I arrived there was a a lot of new faces with names to learn and lots of questions being asked. Thankfully, the team were so welcoming and made the process very easy, with everyone wanting the workplace to be a happy vibe and have the opportunity to succeed alongside them. I’ve got to know them all really well in and outside of work, such as football matches, lunch time walks, and going out together for meals.

Although I was nervous to start at NT, my journey so far has been super positive and I feel so lucky to have made in onto the placement programme here. I’m looking forward to continue to learn each day with the amazing support of the team around me.