Food Labelling Training

Katie Paterson

September 22, 2020

Food Labelling training is vital to keep staff up to date on new regulations. We want to demonstrate the highest standard of care and safety for your customers through effective food hygiene training.

We are an RSPH Approved centre providing Ofqual accredited qualifications. We provide Labelling Compliance training, but we also offer training for our software applications Smart Supplier and Smart Supplier Retail. We can also offer bespoke training upon request.

Our Food Compliance training course will get you up to date with the general and latest FIC labelling requirements.

Food Labelling Compliance Training Course

We offer advanced and up to date legal training for labelling compliance in a one-day interactive course. The training goes through general mandatory FIC labelling requirements, specific mandatory FIC labelling requirements, the structure of the regulation and important definitions.

Our Food Labelling Compliance is suitable for delegates who are responsible for checking and approving specifications, pack copies, artwork approvals and includes an induction into label compliance. The course gives an overview of the legal arrangements and updates on the new requirements of the Food Information Regulations and other statutory requirements. The interactive session is completed in one day and an attendance certificate is issued at the end of the course to demonstrate delegate CPD. The course includes: 

·      Timings & Consultations 

·       Structure of Regulation 

·       Making Important Definitions 

·       General Mandatory FIC Labelling Requirements 

·       Specific Mandatory FIC Labelling Requirements 


This course is suitable for technical directors, consultants, quality managers, NPD managers, food technologists, regulatory compliance officers and specification technologists.

We also offer Smart Supplier and Smart Retail training, taking you through how to setup your company’s profile, how to publish a specification and advanced features that the software has to offer.

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