Get your wellies on, its snowing!

Katie Paterson

January 26, 2021

We finally have snow!! After waiting a couple of long years, it has finally snowed in Northamptonshire!

We wasted no time getting our wellies on and getting out and about! We all had a great time, we have built snowmen, made snow angels, and ventured on long walks through the countryside with pictures to share with you.


Jordan brought her house early last year so this is the first time it has snowed since she's moved in. She christened her garden with this beautiful snow man, Shaun, in case you were worried for his wellbeing - that is his moustache not a sad face.

Jordan also showed us all how its done and made a lovely snow angel.


Mahima made a snowman in her garden. She spent the day building this amazing piece of architecture, we will be very sad to see him melt…

He is sporting a lovely blue hat, reminiscent of an angel's halo, and has very nice eyebrows. 10/10.


Sam spent the day with his family going for walks and sledging, he could be found chauffeuring his son through the streets.

This is Sam’s puppy Bobby. He is only 6 months old so the snow is very, very exciting.


Ellis walked 16,000 steps on Sunday!

He has won the newly founded ‘How many steps can you walk in one day in the snow’ competition! This is him on the 15,999 step, and the moment he realised he had become the 2021 champion.


Tracy’s dog Monty was having an amazing time playing in the snow. He is 12, so unlike the other pups on the list he is a bit of a snow veteran. Showing us his amazing football skills here.


This is Bailey. He is 11 months old, so this is his first ever time seeing snow, but he was very excited. He knew this was a momentous occasion as he posed for his photographs very well!

He was a bit scared of the snow to start off with but very quickly realised it was, in fact, just a bit cold.