Hospitality trends for 2022

Katie Paterson

January 10, 2022

In 2022 we are expecting to see lots of healthier consumer choices with the introduction of OOH Mandatory Calorie Labelling in April, more vegetarian and vegan choices as well as eating in a bubble tent on the patio of our favourite restaurant. Towards the end of 2021 we have seen many growing trends that will continue into the new year, expect to see a Pret a Manger when you next visit Tesco as ‘shops-in-shops’ are becoming very popular to target people wherever they go.

Calorie Labelling

This year brings the OOH Mandatory Calorie Labelling Regulation which, essentially, requires restaurants, bars and cafes (who employ more than 250 people) to label the caloric value of the food they offer.

Every new year symbolizes a fresh start, and many take the opportunity to become a healthier version of themselves. Calorie labels will aid people to consciously choose healthier options when eating out; they will be a great help to those trying to lose weight. However, a study shows that only 24% of the British public believed that calorie labels would be an effective policy to tackle obesity in the UK. Nonetheless, the Government must install such policies to attempt to bring the level of obesity down.

To profit from the regulation, restaurants can ensure they have a variety of low-calorie meal options to provide dieters with lots of options to keep them returning. Including low calorie desserts would also allow those trying to lose weight to indulge themselves when eating out.

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of being healthy. The chances of falling seriously ill with Covid-19 are higher if a person is overweight; therefor it is vital to make healthy choices when eating out in 2022.

One of our software modules, Smart Chef, offers an automate nutritional information feature. Smart Chef shows the nutritional profile of each recipe, allowing the menu to be built whilst factoring in the number of calories per meal.

Smart Menu can be fed all food information from Smart Chef such as the calories per portion/meal. This allows for the calorie quantity to be displayed clearly within digital menus whilst, being live and thus accurate if any changes are made.

For more on information on our software modules, request the Smart Chef whitepaper here and the Smart Menu whitepaper here 📰

For further information on calorie labelling, please read here 👀

Outdoor private dining (bubbles, yurts & greenhouses)

In response to the increased demand for Covid safe dining options, many restaurants built outdoor greenhouses, bubbles and yurts to give consumers an isolated place to enjoy their food with family and friends. Primarily available at higher end restaurants, they have recently been spotted at some larger chain establishments. These options are incredibly popular as they provide new and exciting experiences whilst enjoying restaurant food.

In 2022 these seating options will continue to soar in popularity in the colder months of the year when outdoor seating cannot be offered. If your restaurant has the patio space, outdoor private seating adds a unique asset which customers will certainly enjoy.

Plant based

More restaurants are choosing to decrease the meat options that they offer. For example, Wagamama have made 50% of their menu vegan and high-end restaurant Eleven Madison Park converting to being completely vegan restaurant. The older generations are the most resistant to the ‘veganisation’ of popular restaurants, however Gen Z and Millennials favour brands that have multiple plant-based options.

Since 2014, 2 million people have signed up to Veganuary, a vegan charity who challenge people to go vegan for the month of January. The number of sign ups continue to grow each year and lots of brands get involved and increase their vegan ranges for the month. Vegan food is often quite healthy and can help people reach their health goals faster.

Our software solutions can be used extensively by FBOs with vegan products, dishes, etc. For example, our Smart Supplier system holds food product information so that dietary claims made are correct and accurate.

Additionally, we have recipe and menu management solutions which provides kitchens with the required information to correctly assemble all dishes available to customers. Our Smart Menu and Smart Chef systems can hold a brands full menu which customers can filter and see the dishes available which meet their desired dietary needs, such as vegan or vegetarian dishes.

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