Introducing The New Marketing Executive

Katie Paterson

August 4, 2021

As part of NT’s placement and apprenticeship programme, this year we are continuing our marketing placement scheme. Earlier this year, we interviewed several bright undergrads and found our next marketing Exec.

This is our third year employing marketing students to take over all marketing communications and social media accounts. The previous years have been a huge success and we are excited to continue our marketing programme.

We are very excited to introduce Molly Colbert as our new Marketing exec, she will be joining from the University of Plymouth where she studies Marketing and has completed 2 years of study and will continue onto her final year after working at NT.

Molly says:

“I can’t wait to meet the team at NT Assure and begin working within an established business and gain some real marketing experience. I have a passion for creativity and digital marketing which I’ll get the opportunity to explore this year.

Since the beginning of my university experience, I have wanted to secure a placement and get the opportunity to develop skills beside professionals. I will delve into every opportunity presented to me and work hard to make the most my of year at NT.”

Ellis Northover, the Head of Business Development says:

“At NT we believe in giving students the opportunity to gain work experience and better their understanding in their chosen field, by joining us at NT on a placement or apprenticeship. We have engaged with numerous Universities for the past 8 years, which has been a great success thus far.

We are delighted that Molly is able to join us in her yearlong marketing placement, she is the third marketing placement employed by NT Assure from different universities and we are sure that she will continue to create great digital marketing content, informative articles and provide our clients with compelling stories.”