Recipe Management Software for Hospitality Businesses | Menu Management

Katie Paterson

July 8, 2021

Restaurants, cafes and bars all have the responsibility of managing the allergens in their kitchens. Without the correct procedures in place, it can be easy to lose track of recipes and allergens whilst handling allergy orders.

A recipe management software will aid the kitchens to correctly prepare meals with the correct portion sizes, ingredients, and preparations. Some dishes are more complex to prepare than others and kitchen staff are usually under pressure to get meals out quickly in busy periods. Recipe cards and menu management can support kitchen staff to correctly prepare meals.

Kitchen management software

A recipe management software will highlight any allergens in the dishes that you offer. When there is an allergy order, staff can quickly double check if the dish is safe for a customer with allergies to eat without having to look through hefty allergen binders.

Without a system in place, your customers with food allergies and intolerances are at a higher risk of being served food that is unsafe for them to eat.

Real time information

The information that we provide on our menu management system is always live. Smart Chef stores all menu cycles, recipes, and ingredients online, they can be easily deployed at the touch of a button. New menu cycles will always be deployed with live information giving chefs access to information allowing them to safely prepare meals.

Smart Menu holds one version of the truth throughout the supply chain, keeping all departments and restaurants up to date with the same information. Storing menus and recipes on spreadsheets across your brand makes aligning data incredibly difficult and very time consuming. Having a master data management system initiates positive change and encourages regulatory compliance.

Smart Chef is compatible with your websites, mobile platforms, and your labelling operations to seamlessly enhance your brand.

Integration with other NT modules

The information stored on Smart Chef regarding recipes, menus and ingredients can be pulled through our API to other modular systems.

Through the API, we can offer online menus and allergen menus completely bespoke to your brand, a printing solution, and menus for your delivery partners, digital team, and website.

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