Master Data Management (MDM)

Molly Colbert

February 25, 2022

Master data management (MDM) is a technology-enabled discipline where business and IT work together to ensure accuracy, uniformity, consistency, accountability, and the high quality of key data. Master data is the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes which describes the core entities of the enterprise, including customers, prospects, citizens, suppliers, sites etc. This can enable teams and clients to have access to the same up to date information anywhere they may be.

MDM gives food manufacturers one version of the truth, integrating multiple systems to deliver accurate and timely data across the organisation and beyond.

The food industry is a data-driven economy, for food data to simultaneously flow through a complex supply chain whilst staying up-to-date and consistent across multiple platforms, implementing a sophisticated MDM software system will ensure data is trustworthy.


• Bulk change products and easily add or remove specifications

• Integrate your data across disparate systems to one place

• Unifies systems into one solution

• Increase the quality of your food data

• Allows mandatory product recalls being easily pinpointed and removed from shelves

Product recalls

An MDM system will greatly assist manufacturers if a product is recalled, the system provides manufacturers will one version of the truth, ensuring they can track the products back through the supply chain until they find the source of the outbreak.

If a problem is caught early on, the item can be recalled before it goes on sale to the end consumer. If the product is already on sale, an efficient MDM system will show manufacturers where affected batches have been sold and quickly remove them from sale whilst issuing a targeted recall.

Recipe creation

An MDM system will store all recipe information for each product in one place, this makes production simple and easy as the recipe can be recreated time and time again. The recipes will be available to all members of the team, including management, and maintaining data quality through staff turnovers or corporate acquisitions.

If any recipes are adapted, all key stakeholders will be notified and able to view the most recent version, including all nutritional data and ingredient deck.

What data can be stored in an MDM system?

• Customer trends

• Complaint data

• Product information

• Geographical

• Employee data

• Asset data

This data can come from emails, word documents, PDFs, sales, invoices, product workflows, currencies, and many other data forms.

NT Assure

If a business is struggling with mismatched data across internal and external teams, an MDM system will be of great benefit. Our web-based product information management system, Smart Supplier, provides businesses with a collaborative environment that can be accessed from anywhere with up-to-date product information. Reports, updates, and notes can be sent through the software, keeping everyone up to date and avoiding costly errors.

Having access to the status of products instantly ensures all business decisions are justified. High data visibility allows bold marketing claims to be made with confidence, so businesses can be set apart from competition on key consumer trends such as sustainability, animal welfare and climate change.

Managing a complex supply chain with accuracy will transform business operations, and ultimately, customer’s experience. Smart Supplier is one of our modular applications, we offer an end-to-end solution for all business requirements within the food and beverage industry.

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