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Katie Paterson

May 21, 2021

Smart Menu is our point-of-sale menu management software providing customers with digital, real-time food, nutrition and allergen information, totally bespoke to your brand.

Utilising the power of data to create consumer engagement, Smart Menu provides your customers with food information they can trust. Our aim is for everyone to know what is in their food.

Smart Menu ensures customers have reliable food information when eating out. Disguised in your branding, Smart Menu is the powerhouse behind your online allergy menu with the ability for guests to filter menus so your guests can personalise your menu to their dietary requirements.

All data on Smart Menu is updated in real-time from our recipe management system, Smart Chef. This means that your customers have access to accurate allergen information as they are viewing the menu.

This is the best method for protecting your customers and empowering them to make the right choice for their individual needs.

Customisable menu

Smart Menu will display your whole menu, or through set filters that users can select to only see the options applicable to their needs.

For example, there are filters for each of the 14 major allergens, vegetarian, and vegan options. Smart Menu provides your customers with food information they can trust. Our aim is for customers to know exactly what is in their food, including calories and salt levels.

Benefits of a digital menu

-Real-time, validated food information

-Bespoke branding

-Menu cycles are automatically deployed

-Provides nutritional information for each dish including a full ingredient list

-Allergen preferences can be saved and cleared by each user on personal devices

-Perfect for the introduction of OOH Mandatory Calorie Labelling starting April 2022

Our app allows seamless bespoke branding on your brand interface. It’s perfect for hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars where it’s not always easy to find ingredient and allergen information.

We are currently providing 32 leading food brands with digital food and allergen information targeted towards customers at the point of sale.

How Smart Menu Works

Your food information is transferred from our software to the point of sale through our Smart API. If there are any changes in the supply chain, the API will edit the data on Smart Menu and update all your digital channels at once.

Smart Menu is maintained by our team of food and digital experts. Our apps provide your business with a rich source of insight into your guest’s food preferences.

We provide enterprise solutions to display digital food and allergen information at POS for 32 leading food brands across a portfolio of more than 7500 estate owned devices in over 3200 restaurants.

Smart Menu Pro was first launched in 2016 and we have been developing our offering over the last six years to provide our customers with a market-leading digital solution.

Our POS technology enables guests to find dishes matching their food preferences and the choice to interact with dietary data in a way that they choose either via the web or tablet application.

Our Smart API gives you control to update all of your digital channels at once. The data is real-time, provided 24/7 and supported by a team of food and digital experts. Our apps provide your business with a rich source of insight into your guest’s food preferences.

Smart Menu runs through our Smart API, from here, all food information is available to your customers and back of house staff,

Your full menu is available on Smart Menu, providing allergen, ingredient & nutrition information at the tap of a screen, assuring customers that food is safe for their dietary requirements.

Bespoke branding and sub-branding to seamlessly promote your brand image.

Smart Menu and Regulatory Compliance

New regulations are constantly introduced across the hospitality sector to increase customer awareness about the food they are eating. For example, starting this October is Natasha’s Law, and next April OOH Mandatory Calorie Labelling begins.

We are constantly updating Smart Menu by implementing solutions for each new regulation. We aim to make these businesses changes as simple as they can be for your staff.

If you want more information about Smart Menu, please download our whitepaper here.

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