Molly's 1 month reflection

Molly Colbert

August 31, 2021

From the start of university I had always hoped to secure a placement. I found applying for a placement in the marketing field an extremely competitive sport; with the added obstacle of Covid-19, my chances of getting a placement were seeming smaller and smaller.

I applied for numerous placements all over the country with the hope of finding a company who would choose me to join them. With a bit of luck, NT Assure hired me as the Marketing Executive for my year in industry. When I heard the news, I was excited, nervous, and terrified all in one, it had finally happened, as relieved and proud as I felt, the thought of starting my career was slightly daunting, I’d never done anything like this before!

I started at NT Assure at the beginning of August this year, my first couple of weeks were incredibly eye opening and my business acumen grew significantly in this time. Before placement I was in my second year of study at the University of Plymouth studying Marketing.

In my two years of university, I had found a comfortable routine going to lectures, working at my part time job, as well as being a part of the Swimming and Water Polo Society and spending time with my friends.

I had to change my mentality and daily schedule to that of a young working professional.

The first change I experienced was the new 9 to 5 routine I had. I used to wake up at whatever time I liked, hop on a Zoom call once a day for my lectures and have lots of free time to see my friends. Now I have a set routine five days a week. Although the first week or so was tricky to get used to, after a month I have become accustomed to my new life and enjoy the rhythm and routine of my days.

Starting at NT Assure reminded me of the first day I moved into my accommodation at university. Lots of new faces and names to learn. Luckily for me, everyone is so nice and welcoming, making my transition very easy. I have had the chance of getting to know the team both in the office and out.

So far, my experience has been great, I’ve written many articles, made posters, LinkedIn carousels, and learned more about the food and beverage industry more than I was ever expecting. I am looking forward to continually learn and make even more content for NT Assure. After this year I am hoping to go back to university as a well-rounded individual, ready to start my career in Marketing.

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