NT Assure responds to FSA Technical Guidance

Hannah Wild

March 10, 2020

NT Assure has taken the opportunity to respond to the draft Food Standards Agency’s technical guidance consultation on food allergen labelling (PPDS).

Please see below an extract from our response: -

“The requirement for a full ingredients list in all cases where product is wrapped in our view creates an onerous requirement for SME’s to produce full ingredient lists.

They must obtain, adapt and present information gathered from numerous sources in various formats (over which they have no control) into a single list for each food they sell, and then create physical labels to apply to each individual item.

In practice this is likely to result in errors in the information presented to consumers.

We support the provision of accurate information to consumers about allergens, but we are concerned that a more pragmatic approach is needed to define those foods where there is a requirement to label with a full ingredients list.

Our experience leads us to the conclusion that focus on allergens would, in some circumstances, ensure better outcomes for consumers”.

For a full copy of the response, contact our regulatory team on regulatory@ntassure.com or call us on 01933 272 089.