PPDS Allergen Labelling

Jordan Wright

September 25, 2019

We had a wonderful day, presenting to the Business Members Group of The Chartered Trading Standards Institute on Wednesday at the offices of UBT in Warwickshire.

The presentation given by Ellis Northover, a Chartered Trading Standards Practitioner, focused on the recent government consultation on amending allergen information provisions contained within domestic food information legislation for food prepacked for direct sale (PPDS).

Ellis gave a breakdown of the four options that have been set out in the consultation document which ended on the 29th March 2019. A summary of the options are below.

Option 1: Promoting best practice which would not require legislative change. Instead it would require additional activity to promote best practice around communicating allergen information.

Option 2: Would require a legislative change, requiring “ask the staff” labels on packaging of PPDS foods, with supporting information.

Option 3: Would require name of the food and allergen labelling on packaging of PPDS foods.

Option 4: Would require name of the food, full ingredient list labelling and allergens emphasized on packaging of PPDS foods.

Ellis said: “We are looking forward to the publication of the results of the consultation so we can support our clients to make any necessary changes”.

Contact regulatory@ntassure.com for a copy of the presentation.