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Katie Paterson

December 4, 2020


Natasha’s Law is being introduced 1st October 2021. The new law requires all prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food to be labelled with a full ingredient list with allergens emphasised.

This law protects those with allergies when buying food on the go, it was developed after the tragic death of teenager Natasha Edan-Laperouse who died after suffering an allergic reaction to a sandwich she bought that was not labelled with ingredients or allergens.


Which foods are classed as PPDS?

PPDS products have the following characteristics:

-       Packaged in the same premises that they are being sold

-       Is packed before the customer selects or orders it

-       Food that is completely, or partly enclosed by its packaging

-       Food that is ready for final sale to the customer

Some examples of PPDS food?

-       Sandwiches packed in the same building which they are being sold in

-       Bakery products that are packed before the customer selects them

-       Packed food being sold at a market store that was packed by the same business that’s selling it

-       Burgers/sausages in packaging at a butchers, that are packed on the premises that they are being sold in

-       Prepacked foods being offered in schools, hospitals and care homes

In a retail environment such as a supermarket, the following food examples would also be considered to be PPDS, provided they are packed on the premises from which they are being sold before they are offered for sale:

-       Fresh pizzas from the deli counter e.g. on a cardboard tray and wrapped in plastic

-       Boxed salads

-       Hot foods such as rotisserie chicken

-       Foods that are pre-weighed and packed such as cheese or meats from a delicatessen counter or baked goods from an in-store bakery

Prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) does not include food packed at a customer’s request, food not in packaging, or food in packaging that can be altered without opening or changing the packaging.


Guidance for businesses selling PPDS products

If your business sells PPDS products, you need to establish a labelling solution to stay compliant and keep your customers with allergies safe.

We offer a robust PPDS printing solution; we have partnered with Brother UK to bring businesses a reliable labelling solution.

Our menu management system, Smart Chef, stores your product information on a centralised data base. Each branch of your business will receive a Brother UK printer which connects to Smart Chef through a tablet application.

From here, labels for each PPDS product can be selected live in store, at the point the products are being packed, with accurate allergen information. The labels include the product’s full ingredient list with any allergens emphasised.

Therefore, printing food labels in real-time is practical and reliable. Having an electronic solution will enable you to print straight away and easily make changes. The labels are professional and future proof.

Our electronic solution will give your business dependable PPDS labels that are directly linked to our food information system, so even when there are ingredient changes, the system will automatically update.

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Allergen labelling for prepacked for direct sale food | Food Standards Agency