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Katie Paterson

June 30, 2021

A product information management (PIM) system is a platform that holds all product specifications, supply chain data, and supplier information all in one place. Product information management systems are essential for tracking products throughout their lifecycle and ensuring accountability for all products that you sell.

In the food industry, product information management systems are essential to manage allergens and nutritional information. Hospitality and retail businesses need to always have nutritional information available to customers so that they can make informed decisions based on their dietary preferences. Without a PIM system it would be very difficult to know exactly what ingredients are in each product you are selling.

Our product information management system, Smart Supplier, is a cloud-based software as a service that manages data in real-time meaning customers always have access to accurate nutritional information.

All raw ingredient spec information is held within Smart Supplier, if there is an issue with one specific ingredient or allergen, Smart Supplier can search your account and highlight all the products using that ingredient for easy recall.

Smart Supplier Key Features


-Third Party Integration

-Supply Chain Assurance

-Supplier Collaboration

-PPDS Integration

Food Fraud Defense

Having traceable food specifications offers protection against food fraud as you have the origin and supplier information of all products you use. Suppliers and FBOs will also have confidence in the traceability of the products through their specs.

Having a reliable system to store this information allows you to quickly search for any product and find any information needed.

A robust specification system will protect your food business from unintentionally purchasing fraudulent ingredients and raw materials. Auditors can ask to see food specifications to ensure each ingredient is accurate and legally compliant.


We also offer a product information management system for retailers. Smart Retail is a next generation digital specification management solution that allows brand owners, retailers and manufacturers to manage product specification workflow and digital product data needed for supply chains to operate at speed.

Smart Retail offers retailers the same benefits, however includes features designed specifically for retailers such as:

-A Pack Copy Solution

-Bespoke Branding

-Non-Food Products

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