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Molly Colbert

December 8, 2021

What is a product specification?

A product specification (spec) is an important document that outlines the key requirements when building/creating a new product. The specification contains key information to help guide the product team with the creation of the product – from raw materials and manufacturing to the packaging and final product. Any aspect related to the product will need to be listed within the specification to ensure safe management of the product throughout its lifecycle.

A product specification is a document used to ensure a product meets the legal requirements and is safe. It clearly informs the reader of all the information needed for the product so there is no miscommunication.

The information within the specification can also be used to create artworks. All technical information on the pack artwork comes from the pack copy which is produced from the technical specification.

Why is a product specification important?

For a product to get to the shelves, a number of documents need to be completed to ensure the safety of the product. All documentation regarding raw materials will be held in one location so that traceable information is provided. Being able to trace all documentation is needed in the instance of a recall of one specific raw material.

Having accurate and traceable food specifications can defend potential food fraud from taking place. Having a robust specification in place protects food businesses from unintentionally purchasing any fraudulent ingredients and/or raw materials. When supplier auditors visit and request to see a food specification for a product, they will be able to see that all ingredients are legally compliant and accurate.

With 2 million people in the UK suffering from food allergies, any inaccuracies in food product specifications can have serious and harmful impacts on consumers. The allergens are required to be highlighted within the pack copy to ensure legal compliance.

Specifications that are accurate and can be relied upon will ensure that the end-user is protected from food fraud and inaccurate allergen information. Suppliers, brand owners, and consumers will have confidence in the traceability of the product through the product specification.

Writing a product specification

At NT Assure we have a team of digital experts who can write industry-standard food product specifications. The technical services team can check any exiting documentation to ensure there is legal compliance. We provide a QA service to check specifications before they are submitted.

Additionally, we have an industry-leading specification management system, Smart Supplier. It is a renowned Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides a digital solution when managing specifications.

Raw ingredient information can be stored in Smart Supplier. Therefore, if there is a problem with one specific ingredient, the software can provide reports to quickly report which product the ingredient is in for an easy recall. Additionally, the software can hold data including BRC certificates, SLA’s, and audit reports.

Smart Supplier can be used to increase collaboration and communication with suppliers and brand owners, to ensure smooth operations through the supply chain. For more information or to speak with a member of our team, email or ring 01933 272089 📞

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