Product Specifications | Spec Management System

Katie Paterson

February 24, 2021

All products have a specification detailing all information relevant to that product. A product spec holds all vital data used to create the product’s pack copy. A product’s pack copy tells the customer if the item is safe for them to eat.

There are legal requirements stating what information needs to be on a specification, including how the product should be stored and transported, the best before and use by date, and more.

The best way to produce and store specs is using specifically tailored software, however, there are still some instances where paper specs are still used.

It is believed that there are 2 million people in the UK that suffer from food allergies, any inaccuracy in a food spec has the potential to be harmful. The allergens must be highlighted on a pack copy to be legally compliant. Any mistake that leads to an illegible/unstated allergen will be a threat to allergy sufferers.

Food fraud defense

Having traceable food specifications offers protection against food fraud accusations as you have the origin and supplier information of all products you use. Suppliers and FBO’s will also have confidence in the traceability of the products through their specs.

Having a reliable system to store this information allows you to quickly search for any product and find any information needed.

A robust specification system will protect your food business from unintentionally purchasing fraudulent ingredients and raw materials. Auditors can ask to see food specifications to ensure each ingredient is accurate and legally compliant.


Food safety standards require FBO’s to have specifications for their food products. BRC Global Standard Food Safety requires up to date specifications available for all finished products and specifications for raw materials, and primary packaging should be adequate and accurate to ensure compliance with relevant safety requirements.

How do I store my specifications?

A specification management system will be able to store all your specs in one place. Giving you access to all product information over a secure platform. A spec management system can do hundreds of things to make your life easier.

Writing specs

At NT Assure we have digital experts who can write industry standard food specifications. Our technical services team can also check your existing documentation to ensure legal compliance. We can also provide a QA service to check specs before they are submitted to customers.

We can also provide an industry leading specification management software. Smart Supplier is a renowned Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a digital solution managing specifications.

All raw ingredient spec information is stored on Smart Supplier. For example, if there is a problem with one specific ingredient, smart supplier can provide reports to quickly tell you what products this ingredient is in for easy recall.

Smart Supplier also holds supplier data including BRC certificates, SLA’s, and audit reports. Suppliers and clients can communicate through Smart Supplier for effortless communication.

Smart Supplier functions

-Improved digital recordkeeping

-Collaborative working for suppliers and FBO’s

-Improved visibility across all products

-Reporting features to access KPI charts

-Assure data quality for your business

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