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Molly Colbert

September 3, 2021

Food Business Operators (FBOs) such as restaurants and cafes, have a duty to manage allergens within the kitchen. With no proper procedures in place, it can easily become a struggle to stay on top of recipes and allergens when handling an allergy order.

Recipe management software can provide kitchens with help to correctly assemble all dishes with the correct portion size, ingredients, and preparation. Some meals can be more complicated to prepare than others, and kitchen staff are under lots of pressure to get food out quickly to customers. Recipe cards and menu management can support staff to correctly prepare meals and make the process easier and faster.

Menu Management Software

Menu management software will highlight any allergens in dishes available. When an allergy order is requested, staff can quickly check if the dish is safe for the customer without having to trawl through allergen binders.

With a reliable system in place, customers with food allergies and intolerances are at a much lower risk of being served food that is potentially unsafe for consumption.

Smart Chef

Smart Chef is a live, online recipe management system that stores all menu cycles, recipes, and ingredients in one place. Chefs can use the system to access recipes, allergen information and portion sizes whilst reducing kitchen errors.

FBOs can hold all menu cycles on Smart Chef, which can be deployed at any given time. Keeping menu information on Smart Chef will reduce time, errors, and costs compared to laborious manual spreadsheets.

With the latest government legislation for calorie reductions, portion sizes for certain dishes will need to be reduced to meet the new regulations. Smart Chef gives kitchen staff and FBOs easy access to menu information, therefore allowing portion sizes and other food information to be updated quickly and efficiently to meet new guidance.

Smart Chef is compatible with websites, mobile platforms, and labelling operations to seamlessly enhance your brands.

Integration with other NT modules

Information stored on Smart Chef regarding recipes, menus and ingredients can be pulled through our API to other modular systems.

Through the API, we can offer online menus and allergen menus completely bespoke to clients, a printing solution, and menus for delivery partners, digital teams, and websites.

Smart Menu

Smart Menu is a point-of-sale menu management software providing customers with digital, real-time food, nutrition, and allergen information bespoke to brands.

Using data to create consumer engagement, Smart Menu provides customers with food information they can trust, this is to ensure customers are aware of what they are eating.

Smart Menu gives customers reliable food information when eating out. Integrated into branding, Smart Menu can drive online allergy menus with the ability for customers to filter menus so that they are personalised to individual dietary needs.

All data stored in Smart Menu is updated in real-time from the recipe-management system, Smart Chef. This allows customers to have access to precise food information as they view the menu. Customers are given protection and the opportunity to make decisions according to their dietary needs.

The government are introducing regulations throughout the hospitality sector to increase customer awareness of food available. For example, Natasha’s Law (The Food Information Regulations (England) 2019) commences in October 2021, and OOH Mandatory Calorie Labelling is being introduced in April 2022.

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