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Katie Paterson

May 18, 2021

Awarded “Best New Product” in 2020 by the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT), our recipe management software Smart Chef is a great option for those looking to take control of their menus and have access to real time food information.

Smart Chef provides accurate and live cost, nutrition, and allergen data for all your recipes. Smart Chef stores each menu rotation, recipe and nutritional information in one place for easy deployment.

Restaurant kitchens are often fast paced and busy environments. To ensure that your chefs are correctly preparing food, Smart Chef curates recipe cards which gives chefs easy to follow instructions to prepare each meal. This comes in handy especially when dealing with allergy orders and can help reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Allergen management is a legal requirement for all restaurants, no matter the size. Smart Chef works with businesses with both a smaller number of recipes, or thousands. Our platform simplifies this task, managing all allergen information in one place.

Smart Chef key features

• Allows chefs to access recipes, allergen information, % margins and portion sizes

• Reduces errors in the kitchen

• Reduces costs compared to laborious manual spreadsheets

• The data can be used to offer a customer facing service through digital apps or printed media; pulled through to Smart Menu, our point-of-sale digital menu software

• The data is updated in real-time as supply chains change

• Smart Chef can be integrated into your branded website to give customers the option to view the menu through a selection of filters, for example, selecting specific allergens

Food information mastered within Smart Chef can also be used to set up inventory for accounting purposes, managing fields and calculating margins. Your data can feed directly to your website, your mobile platform or your labelling operations to seamlessly enhance menu management throughout the customer journey.

Compatibility with other NT systems

As Smart Chef is a recipe management platform, we use our Smart API to process data into other formats. For example, it can connect to Smart Menu as a customer facing allergen menu platform giving customers live allergen and nutrition information directly from Smart Chef.

Smart Menu is a digital menu management application that gives your customers real-time allergen and nutrition information. Smart Menu can be used to filter menus to show dishes that do not contain specific allergens, or filter for vegetarian or vegan options.

Smart Menu and Food Labelling Operations

The data held in Smart Chef and Smart Menu forms the foundations for our labelling solution. From October 2021, business selling PPDS (prepacked for direct sale) products need to individually label each product with the name of the food and the full ingredients list with any allergens present emphasised.

This is under the UK Food Information Amendment, also known as ‘Natasha’s Law’.  The introduction of Natasha’s Law brings a huge hurdle for many food businesses, our solution is designed to be simple for staff to use, whilst delivering accurate and validated food information to customers.

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