Recycling labels on food packaging

Hannah Wild

June 9, 2020

Recycling in the UK is hard to keep track of as every council uses a different recycling system. Some use coloured boxes for different items, others have a standard recycling bin. In each county the colours mean something different; is green recycling or garden waste? What goes in the blue, brown, or the purple? Does everything have to be separated or can it all go in the same bin? Questions like these have prompted a push for clearer recycling labelling on food packaging.

There is a call for the current recycling logos to be refined down to yes and no answers to limit any confusion stemming from the current three way system, as consumers are confused about which items can be recycled, it is more likely to end up in general waste. However, simplifying the packaging is only half of what needs to be done. Standardization of local recycling would remove the rest of the confusion. Ensuring all local recycling centers could handle the new system would be essential for this restructure to work.