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Molly Colbert

October 11, 2021

Smart Chef

Smart Chef is a live, online recipe management system that can store all menu information in one place. Chefs and development teams can use Smart Chef in their kitchens to access recipes, allergen information, % margins and portion sizes, all whilst reducing errors in the kitchen.

With the latest government guidance on calorie reduction, portion sizes on meals will need to be reduced to meet new regulations. Through Smart Chef, staff and FBOs can easily access dish information, therefore portions sizes can be updated quickly and efficiently.

Marketing teams can use Smart Chef to check the claims to be stated on a product such as nutrition, dietary, or provenance.

Restaurant menu cycles can be held within Smart Chef and can be deployed at the desired time. Keeping all menu information on Smart Chef will reduce time, errors, and costs compared to complicated spreadsheets.

Due to Smart Chef being an online software solution that holds all menu information, the data can be used to offer a customer-facing service, such as through digital apps, website interface, or printed media.

Smart Chef data can be integrated into a pre-existing or new website to give customers the option to view the menu through several applied filters. For example, filtering the menu to only show meals without specific allergens, vegetarian, or vegan options. Customers could also have access to all ingredients used in a dish and the nutritional information.

Smart Menu

Smart Menu is a point-of-sale menu management software that provides customers with digital and real-time food information, such as nutrition and allergen information bespoke to brands.

Smart Menu can improve customer engagement by providing food information they can trust; thus, increase awareness of the food they are eating.

Smart Menu provides customers with reliable food information when dining out. The software can be integrated into a brand image and can drive online allergen menus with the ability for customers to apply filters to the menu so that it is personalised to an individual’s dietary requirements.

All data stored in Smart Menu is updated in real-time from the recipe-management system, Smart Chef. This allows customers to have access to precise food information as they view the menu. Customers are given protection and the opportunity to make decisions according to their dietary needs.

The government are introducing regulations throughout the hospitality sector to increase customer awareness of food available. For example, Natasha’s Law (The Food Information Regulations (England) 2019) commenced on 1st October 2021, and OOH Mandatory Calorie Labelling which is being introduced in April 2022.

PPDS food

Smart Chef is the software behind our prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food labelling solutions for businesses selling food that has been packaged within the same facility it is being sold for the intention of immediate consumption.

We have developed a Smart Menu Pro App which allows businesses to print labels in-store. Having a printing solution powered by Smart Chef means that if there is a change in a recipe or a supplier changes an ingredient, the labels will automatically update on the app. Therefore, the data will always be correct and accurate.

The printing solution will ensure clients are compliant with Natasha’s Law, which began October 1st, 2021.

Menu and recipe management

Recipe management software provides kitchens with information to correctly assemble all dishes with the correct portion size, ingredients, and preparation.

Recipe cards and menu management can support staff to correctly prepare meals and make the process more efficient and easier.

Menu management software will highlight any allergens in dishes available. When an allergy order is requested, staff can quickly check if the dish is safe for the customer without having to find the meal documents.

Smart Chef offers both menu and recipe management and is a reliable software to provide customers with allergies and intolerances to be at low risk of having food served which is unsafe for them to eat.

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