Smart Retail | Own-Brand Specification Management System

Katie Paterson

May 12, 2021

Smart Retail is a next generation digital specification management solution that allows brand owners, retailers and manufacturers to manage product specification workflow and digital product data needed for supply chains to operate at speed.

Smart Retail increases communication with suppliers and key stakeholders, encouraging collaboration to ensure product data is compliant and consistent for all users of the software. Manufacturers can leverage their strengths to build sales and exercise due diligence.

It can be challenging to manage thousands of products from different suppliers to ensure they reach shelves safely. Disjointed specifications on different systems can cause errors with product data. Supply chain errors can be very time consuming and could result in product re-calls throughout your supply chain.

Food labelling is complex, Smart Retail will help build seamless pack copies that you can use for all your labelling requirements whether it be for prepackaged food or compliance with Natasha’s Law.

Smart Retail will automatically create “gold” standard pack copies using its built-in pack copy solution. The data is collated from the specification and automatically brought together to create a pack copy ready for review and approval. Smart Retail will help you ensure that all legal requirements are met, such as country of origin statements and correct allergen information.

Mandatory pack copy information, ingredients, traffic light system, allergens, nutritional and dietary claims are all captured in a quick, easy and intuitive system. Pack copies are automatically generated and approved throughout the system.

PPDS Solution

Our PPDS solution is compatible with Smart Retail and is a great option for smaller businesses who sell both prepacked and prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) items.

Food data is sent from Smart Retail to printers in your stores to print accurate food labels to be stuck directly onto each PPDS product. If any ingredient changes throughout the supply chain, Smart Retail will adjust the labels accordingly to give customers up to date food information.

We have teamed up with Brother UK to bring you a high quality, easy to use print solution. Our PPDS solution was built to support staff in busy periods with the option to print multiple labels at once from the touch of a screen.

Smart Retail Key Features

- Built-in validation rules – Ingredients, allergens, dietary claims and additives reducing the risk of product recalls.

- Food Information – FIC compliant, digital product data, including nutrition, ingredient, and allergen data.

- Fully bespoke specification templates for PPDS, prepacked, non-prepacked food, bakery, produce and even beers, wines and spirits.

- Generate pack copies – able to breakdown borders with pack copy automated translation feature. Pack copies are created ensuring policy compliance and due diligence.

- Clients can monitor and communicate with suppliers – seamless connection as automatic notifications are sent out to prompt suppliers to acknowledge updates.

- Utilise built-in reporting tools – to generate and share reports to better visualise data. Business intelligence is the key component in the drive to be agile, competitive and effective. As businesses and product ranges grow, it becomes very difficult to manage data being generated regularly. This in turn creates a roadblock for data-driven enterprises who wish to harness their data for driving business decision making.

- Packaging – Suppliers can communicate the packaging impact, dimensions, weight etc. Helping users manage their tax obligations under the plastic packaging tax. The tax will provide a clear economic incentive for businesses to use recycled material in the production of plastic packaging business customers of producers and importers of plastic packaging, and consumers who buy goods in plastic packaging in the UK.

- Pre-set microbiological testing suites – Enhanced food safety.

- Raw material specification builder.

- We can cater for your food, non-food, and pet food requirements.

For more information on our specification management platform or our PPDS solution, please check out our whitepaper on Smart Retail or call 01933 272089 for more information.

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