Smart Retail Software - Manufacturers

Hannah Wild

June 4, 2020

Manufacturers own brands have an important role in UK retail landscape.

Now, more than ever, communicating accurate information about your products is an essential pre-requisite for food businesses, ensuring food safety, provenance and legal compliance is achieved.  

Are you a brand owner looking for a digital system that can easily manage your product lifecycle, specifications and pack copies?

Smart Retail is a web-based platform where stakeholders can contribute to key stages, providing a seamless communication connection with suppliers ensuring regulatory compliance. Manufacturers can leverage their strengths to build sales and exercise due diligence.

Mandatory pack copy information, ingredients, traffic light system, allergens, nutrition and dietary claims are all captured in a quick, easy and intuitive system. With all this information being captured your pack copy is automatically generated and approved throughout the system.

Facts & Figures

-       71% of UK consumers expect food retailers to know precise ingredients of products sold

-       1/3 of shoppers are more concerned about food safety compared to last year

-       34% of UK consumers always check labels for country of origin

UK shoppers are becoming more aware of food safety and what they are consuming on the daily. The system allows retailers and brand owners to relax as it manages ingredients from a mixing bowl to the products on the shelf – regulatory compliance.

For more information check out our whitepaper on Smart Retail.