Smart Supplier | Product Information Management Solution

Molly Colbert

January 5, 2022

Smart Supplier is a product information management (PIM) solution that provides real-time food information for thousands of ingredients and products with live data ensuring that downstream recipes and menus are accurate and validated. The solution has many features that enable food business operators (FBOs) to communicate with their suppliers and increase their cohesive working.

How can it benefit you?

The solution is the industry standard for cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), which allows it to be accessed from all devices. All common web browsers can run Smart Supplier, ensuring it is easy for suppliers and FBOs to access their product information in a secure space.

The system captures assurance data, raw material specifications, and finished product information providing a central archive of information for manufacturers and suppliers.

An easy-to-read format is presented for ingredients, allergen, nutritional, and dietary information to be interpreted, it can be captured on specification templates and is configured to each client’s specific businesses requirement.

Smart Supplier validates many aspects of a products food information at the point of entry, including our unique allergen algorithm which was created to protect consumer safety and business or brands that use the software. This ensures data can be handled quickly whilst ensuring a high degree of confidence and trust in the accuracy of the data.

Why NT Assure?

Our PIM software solution ensures accurate product information management and supply-chain assurance within the food industry.

The system was created with functionality and practicality at the forefront. Smart Supplier has seen many developments since it was first built to ensure that suppliers, manufacturers, and stakeholders business requirements are met.  KPIs can be pulled from the data inputted to provide information and aid business decisions.

Additionally, as sustainability is becoming a big focus for several of our clients, the system has been tailored towards that. For example, products containing palm oil can be captured within the system and the option to highlight if the palm oil used is from a sustainable scheme (such as RSPO or GreenPalm) is available. This gives companies the ability to take accountability for the sustainability of their palm oil used and the opportunity for accurate marketing claims.

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