SOFHT Allergen Conference

Hannah Wild

February 28, 2020

Yesterday morning (27th February), Phil Dalton presented at The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Allergen Conference in High Wycombe. His presentation focused on the Regulatory Landscape.

Phil covered the current legal requirements under the Food Information Regulation, including non-prepacked foods, the changes Natasha’s Law will make to require PPDS food in the UK to carry ingredient labels and the lack of consistency created by an absence of both Regulation and clear guidance for business on trace allergen labelling.

He also discussed the general requirement to sell safe food and the challenges this creates when allergen information is treated as a food safety issue. Phil outlined the new landscape that has an expectation food businesses will go beyond legal requirements and that food businesses will continue to improve allergen management to ensure reliable and accurate information is always available for allergic customers. Likely next steps in Regulation and controls on allergens were outlined including the new Codex standard on allergen management for food business operators.

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