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Molly Colbert

August 31, 2021

What is spec writing?

Specification writing is a process in which the mandatory and voluntary information about a product is captured in one place, either on an online digital PLM system or as a physical document. Specifications are used throughout the entire food industry from producers to manufacturers, retailers to foodservice operators.

It is important to have accurate specifications throughout a product’s lifecycle, as they are relied on to capture key aspects of packaging, testing, ingredients, recipes etc, generating legally compliant labels and ensuring allergen or calorie information is correct for the foodservice allergen guides and menus.

Food safety is critical to all food business operators (FBOs) and they need to know exactly what is in the food they sell. Every item that is on sale should have a product specification, detailed and accurate food information is a key step in ensuring products sold are safe for consumers.

A product specification is often used to create a “pack copy” document, the pack copyholds all information that FBOs are legally required to include on the packaging or labelling. An example of this is that each spec has a compliant ingredients declaration, accurate nutrition data, quantity, storage, and any instructions needed for safe use.

Having accurate and traceable food specifications can increase due diligence and help protect against food fraud.

What can NT offer to make spec writing easier?

We have a team of highly skilled technologists that are experienced across a broad range of spec systems and a wide range of products categories, ensuring your spec writing is accurate and reliable.

Our technical services team can also check your existing documentation to ensure legal compliance. We can also provide a QA service to check product specifications before they are submitted to customers.

We offer a browser-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, Smart Supplier. This allows FBOs and their supply chains to communicate in a cloud-based system.

Within the software, we offer a PLM system that is configurable towards each client needs with bespoke specification templates.

The simplicity of its design combined with the sophistication of the seamless validation ensures that Smart Supplier is the fastest tool in the market to process data, get the product to market faster, with an enhanced suite of features, you can instantly access information anywhere. For more information on Smart Supplier, read our article here or request a White Paper here.

For more information on Smart Supplier, read our article here or request a White Paper here.

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