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Katie Paterson

December 17, 2020

Food Safety is a top priority for businesses operating within the Food & Beverage industry. To confidently provide safe food for customers, FBO’s must have robust specifications for each product they sell.

In the food industry there are specs for raw materials, finished products, packaging and manufacturing equipment. All aspects related to the product itself need to be listed to safely manage the product throughout its lifecycle. Every item that you see on a shelf has a unique product specification.

A product’s specification is used to create the pack copy, it holds all information that legally must be included on the packaging. For example, a specification includes all ingredients in the product, how the product should be stored and transported, and any cooking instructions.

Having accurate, traceable food specifications can also work as part of a defence against food fraud and make up an essential part of food safety standards. For example, the BRC Global Standard Food Safety which requires accurate, up-to-date specifications to be available for all finished products and specifications for raw materials, and primary packaging shall be adequate and accurate and ensure compliance with relevant safety requirements.

A robust specification will protect your food business from unintentionally purchasing fraudulent ingredients and raw materials. Supplier auditors can ask to see food specifications to ensure each ingredient is accurate and legally compliant.

The information provided through specs is vital to stay compliant and keep your customers and brand image safe; the quality of the product is reliant on an accurate product specification.

Specification Management Systems

A product’s specification needs to be carefully managed to ensure no mistakes are made. Specification management systems enable all product information to be stored and managed in one secure location.

A specification management solution allows businesses to manage food products from their development to the finished product. This keeps suppliers and FBO’s accountable and in control of their products.

Our product information management (PIM) system, Smart Supplier, is an industry standard software as a service (SaaS) which allows collaboration and communication between FBO’s and suppliers, managing products throughout their lifecycle.

Our Smart Supplier PIM solution is a trusted source of data which ensures that your essential business processes run smoothly providing the right information, to the right people at the right time.

Why do I need specification management software?

• Improved digital recordkeeping

• Collaborative working for suppliers and FBO’s

• Improved visibility across all products

• Reporting features to access KPI charts

• Assure data quality for your business

How we can help

NT Assure are food safety consultants and we have digital experts who can write industry standard food specifications. Our technical services team can also check your existing documentation to ensure legal compliance. We can also provide a QA service to check specs before they are submitted to customers.

If you want more information on our spec writing services, our spec management system, or Smart Supplier, call 01933 272089 or email info@ntassure.com to chat to a member of our team.

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