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January 20, 2022

What is a product specification?

Everything you see on a shelf has a unique specification. In the food industry you have specifications for raw materials, finished products, packaging and manufacturing equipment. All aspects related to the product itself need to be listed to safely manage the product throughout its lifecycle.

A specification is a document used to ensure a product is legal and safe; it informs the reader of everything they need to know about a particular product.

The information a specification provides is also used to create artworks. All technical information on pack artwork comes from a pack copy, which is produced using the technical specification.

Currently, the typical way to produce a product specification is using specifically tailored software, however, there are still some instances where paper specifications are used.

Why is it so important?

In order to get a product to sale, many documents need to be completed to ensure the safety of a product.  All the raw material specifications will be held in one location, providing traceable information. Having the ability to trace products back is essential in the instance of a recall on one specific raw material.

Having accurate, traceable food specifications will also work as a defence against food fraud. A robust specification will protect your food business from unintentionally purchasing fraudulent ingredients and raw materials. Supplier auditors can ask to see food specifications to ensure each ingredient is accurate and legally compliant.

There are 2 million people in the UK that suffer from food allergies, any inaccuracy in a food specification has the potential to be harmful. The allergens must be highlighted on a pack copy to be legally compliant. Any mistake that leads to an illegible/unstated allergen will be a threat to allergy sufferers.

Having reliable specifications will protect end users from food fraud and inaccurate allergy information. Suppliers and clients will also have confidence in the traceability of their products through the product specification.

Why we created our product specification software Smart Supplier:

·  Simplify, increase & digitize the flow of data between suppliers, technologists, and food developers

·  Improve collaborative working

·  To expedite products to market

·  Quick, simple, and intuitive software solution to manage your product data

·  Provides accurate allergen and dietary information

·  Ensures a high level of due diligence for customers

NT Assure’s specification management software ensures accurate product information management and supply-chain assurance within the food industry.

How we can help

NT Assure are food safety consultants and we have digital experts who can write industry standard food specifications. Our technical services team can also check your existing documentation to ensure legal compliance. We can also provide a QA service to check specifications before they are submitted to customers.

If you want more information on our specification writing services, our specification management system, or Smart Supplier, call 01933 272089 or email info@ntassure.com to chat to a member of our team.

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