The Importance of Supplier Audits in the Food Industry

Katie Paterson

July 1, 2021

At NT Assure we can carry out independent assessments for food suppliers to ensure compliance across the supply chain. Audits are an essential step to take to ensure all business functions are being performed to the relevant standard. Regularly auditing your suppliers will give you confidence in your supply chain and prevent errors, keeping your brand protected.

How are audits carried out?

There are a few different types of audits. External auditors can come in and ensure that food safety principles are being performed and will compare the written processes against what is actually happening on site. These audits are usually planned, however unannounced audits can give more of a realistic insight into the workplace.  

Desktop Audits are carried out online through a self-audit questionnaire which checks the knowledge of the suppliers on their processes and food safety knowledge.

Regular audits will build strong relationships between suppliers and their customers, brands will want to work with suppliers with a clean audit history.

BRC Standard

Auditors will check compliance to the BRC Standard, this provides a framework to manage food safety, quality and legality. Once a supplier has a BRC Standard they will get another audit in a year for an A or B grade, and six months for a C grade. A BRC Certificate gives your customers confidence that your products are originating from trustworthy sources.

NT’s auditing services

We have a team of experienced auditors who have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have delivered thousands of supplier audits on behalf of our customers. We can offer bespoke packages tailored to your own individual needs.

We can also support suppliers to secure and maintain their BRC and Agent & Brokers certificates. Our trained auditors are on hand to raise and maintain your standards on food safety.

Our technical and regulatory experts can also provide technical support where resource is low, including artwork compliance checks, specification writing/approvals and internal auditing.

If you a UK based food and drink supplier and are looking to verify your food safety management practices, then feel free to get in touch. For more information on our auditing services call 01933 272089 or email

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