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Molly Colbert

September 16, 2021

Supplier audits ensure that suppliers are compliant with food regulations and customer standards. They can have a direct impact on suppliers and customer relationships as companies are responsible for the quality of the product supplied to customers. If a customer receives a subpar product, the business will be accountable to handle the consequences.


-       Supply chains will face reduced issues by having potential concerns raised before they materialise
-       Forming relationships between FBOs and suppliers
-       Improved communication between customers, suppliers, and manufacturers throughout the supply chain
-       Assurance to customers of food safety being met and being implemented at the forefront of all operations

Types of Supplier Audits

There are different types of audits to ensure a thorough review has been carried out.

Unannounced audits give sites no warning on when the inspector is coming. These audits represent a realistic insight into the development of a site’s food safety culture. This style of audit has become increasingly popular, due to the realistic portrayal of a suppliers day-to-day.

Announced supplier audits are still effective and widely used, however, these can lack authenticity as the site can prepare for the inspection. For this style of audit, the site and (if relevant) the certification body, agree on a date for the audit to take place so certain specific preparations, such as gathering supporting documentation, can be made in time.

Supplier audits are conducted by different roles depending on the type and reason for the audit. They can be run by a third-party organisation such as NT Assure, or by the technical team within the business.

What can NT Assure offer?

We have a team of experienced auditors who have an abundance of experience and knowledge, who have delivered supplier audits countless amounts of times on behalf of our customers/clients. We can offer bespoke packages tailored to your business’s individual needs.

We can support suppliers to secure their BRC certification for Food Safety, Storage and Distribution and Agents and Brokers. Our trained auditors are on hand to increase and maintain your standards on food safety.

Our technical and regulatory experts can provide technical support where resources may be low, this can include artwork approval compliance checks, specification writing/approvals, and internal auditing for manufacturers.

For more information or to speak to with our team, email or phone 01933 272089 📞

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