The Benefits of Carrying Out a Supplier Audit

Katie Paterson

September 23, 2020

What is a supplier audit?

A supplier audit is where a supplier gets inspected to ensure they are following the correct procedures. A supplier audit ensures suppliers are compliant with food regulations and customer standards. It is important to carry out regular supplier audits as you are responsible for the quality of your products that suppliers manufacture.

To increase due diligence over your product lifecycle management it is important to audit the suppliers to check they are handling products appropriately and identify any risks before they become a bigger and more expensive problem.

There are different types of supplier audits. On unannounced audits the site will have no warning of an inspector coming. Unannounced audits express realistic insight into the development of a site’s food safety culture. These types of audits are growing in popularity as they provide a realistic portrayal of the suppliers day-to-day.

Announced supplier audits are still effective and widely used, however, they can lack authenticity as the site has time to prepare for the inspection. For announced audits, the site, and if relevant, certification body, agree on a date for the audit to take place so certain preparations can be made in time for the audit.

There are many benefits of carrying out a supplier audit, they can be carried out by an internal technical team, or a specialist third party like NT Assure.

What are the benefits?

- Ensures suppliers are complying and working to the industry standard
- Improves communication between the manufacturer and supplier
- Minimises risk by setting safety expectations
- Reduces disruption in the supply chain by raising potential issues before they become a problem
- Assures customers that food safety standards are met
- Part of the process of obtaining a certification
- Gives insight into the product lifecycle management that would be otherwise unknown

How can NT Assure help?

We have a team of trained and experienced auditors who can create a bespoke package for you depending on your audit requirements; we have delivered thousands of high-quality supplier audits on behalf of our customers. We can also support suppliers with their BRC certification or Agent & Brokers audits.

Our technical and regulatory experts can also provide technical support to prepare for your audits, or separate services like artwork compliance checks, specification writing/approvals and internal auditing.

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