Upcoming Food Labelling Changes | Brexit

Molly Colbert

March 28, 2022

In early October 2020, the UK government updated the guidance on the food and drink labelling rules required from January 2021.

Previous guidance had indicated that foods sold in Great Britain (GB) would need labelling changes from January 2021. However, for some of these labelling requirements, additional time was given to adjust to the changes and from October 2022 these changes must be made. Goods sold in Northern Ireland will continue to follow EU rules for food labelling.

From October 1st, 2022, pre-packed foods sold in GB must include a UK address for the FBO. If the FBO is not in the UK, you must include the address of your importer, based in the UK.

For organic foods, GB products must change the statement of agriculture to ‘UK agriculture’, ‘UK / non-UK agriculture’ or ‘non-UK Agriculture’. This will must be changed by 1st October 2022.

The EU organic logo can no longer be used on UK organic food unless the control body is authorised by the EU to certify UK goods for export to the EU or the UK, and the EU agree to recognise each other’s standards. However, it can still be used on the packaging of foods from and sold in Northern Ireland.

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