What has Tracy been up to during the pandemic?

Hannah Wild

June 17, 2020

"I am sure many of you found the global pandemic quite stressful, as I know I certainly did. My daughter came home from University, my son is no longer sitting GCSE exams and my husband is commandeering my office. It took several weeks in our household to come to terms with the situation.

Other than baking (and hiding the bathroom scales), I needed to have a purpose. I decided to become an NHS volunteer, but so did everyone else and opportunities were few and far between. I then heard a local food bank charity ‘Helping Hands’ needed volunteers, I signed up to help deliver food parcels to the elderly having to isolate. For a straightforward role, it was incredibly rewarding. It was near enough the same round each week, faces became similar and socially distanced chats became longer. Everyone was so grateful to have shopping brought to them.

After I completed my first round I sat in my car and felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, perhaps these people had not seen another face all day. I felt lucky enough that we live close enough to our elderly relatives to shop for them.

The Helping Hands food bank which is part of the Christian Renewal Church were acknowledged as COVID Heroes by Julian Knight MP for Solihull for outstanding contribution to the community.  In May alone they made 2084 deliveries of food and essential items.

I have had a lot of spare hours these last few months and giving just a couple of these back each week to the community was the very least I could do".

: https://renewalcc.com/locations/solihull/