Why Is Your ESG Score Important? | Product Management System

Katie Paterson

June 14, 2021

Why does your ESG score matter?

Environmental, social, and corporate governance are the three big factors when measuring the sustainability and societal impact of investing in a company or business.

ESG covers the climate crisis, sustainability, social concerns such as diversity, human rights, consumer protection and animal welfare.

ESG scores are given by third party, independent companies who generally give a score out of 100. Scores are given using metrics for comparing different investments, audit scores, quality of data and more. Having a high score will encourage institutional investors to support your brand.

ESG Breakdown

Environment - What impact does a company have on the environment? Think about ways to decrease your carbon footprint, initiating a plan to become carbon neutral or negative and reducing toxic chemicals in your supply chain.

Social - How can you improve your social impact internally and in your broader community? Ensuring you are a diverse brand advocating for social good in the wider world.

Governance - How does your board drive positive change? Governance includes ensuring your leadership have positive communications with shareholders, and any issues with executive pay and diversity in leadership, and your CSR policies.

Product Information Management System

Our PIM system, Smart Supplier, has many features that enable brand owners to see insights from your product data. One of these features is the ability to curate KPIs and access vital ESG information. Improving your ESG score is easy to do once you can see where you need to improve.

You can manage data from the point of entry to the finished product giving you maximum control and view all product and supplier information to easily see where improvements can be made.

A PIM system allows you to manage all product information from various channels in one place, however, having a PIM system supports your business in many ways:

·       Support ESG marketing claims through reporting KPI’s

·       Stay legally compliant keeping your customers safe

·       Increase data integrity

·       Make sustainability statements with confidence

·       View environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards

Smart Supplier KPI Charts.

Why choose our PIM system?

Our PIM software (Smart Supplier) is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), meaning it can be accessed online and monitored via a centralised system.

Smart Supplier is a specification management solution, it provides real-time food information ensuring thousands of ingredients, recipes, and menus are live, accurate and validated. It has established itself as the industry standard and has many features that help food business operators communicate with suppliers to increase collaborative working.

Smart Supplier has reporting features that allow you to see the status of your product data instantly so that you can monitor compliance to your ESG policies, product legality and other important data in real-time.

For example, you can dashboard policies such as the provenance of your palm oil, so you can be confident that you have achieved your ESG commitments for sustainable palm.

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