Work From Home

Hannah Wild

June 11, 2020

Are you struggling to work from home? Have you just come off furlough and struggling to get back in the swing of work?  

You should check your day-to-day physical set up.  

  • Check your computer screen is eye-line.
  • Screen is face-on / No glare.
  • Adjust the height of the chair, ensuring forearms are level with desk surface.
  • Your back must be in contact with your chair to help your posture (You may need a cushion). 

How to look after your mental health? 

  • Connect with your colleagues, pick up the phone just to have chit chat, or send a few gifs back and forth on teams. Do not feel alone, everyone is probably feeling the same. 
  • Plan your day, give yourself 5-10 minute breaks, this will help improve your productivity throughout the day. 
  • Tune into your feelings, speak to your manager if you are worried about anything. They will be happy to help!  

Disconnect in the evenings, relax, and recharge. Make sure you are having time for yourself and your family. Make time for things you enjoy. 

External Workplace Check Up 

  • Are you making time to move? Take a call while walking around the house. Go for a walk at lunchtime, this will help boost your mood and you will be ready to focus for the afternoon. 
  • Ensure you have an area that is for just ‘work’. Do not confuse home and work, ensure you can shut the door at 5pm and have a relaxing evening on the sofa. Your bed is not an ideal work environment.
  • Having a clean and organised desk is key. Each morning starts off with a fresh slate.  

We are all still learning, doing our best, and growing as individuals day by day. We are all going through this new work environment, hold tight, we’ll do it together.