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Smart Retail offers a simple and easy to use product lifecycle, specification and pack copy solution to brand owners, allowing a seamless connection with suppliers and ensuring regulatory compliance.

The Result

Smart Retail has been created for retailers and brand owners, empowering them to manage their brand product data from mixing bowls to the point of sale.  

Mandatory pack copy information including ingredients, traffic lights, allergens and dietary claims are all captured within fully bespoke specification templates. These generate pack copies to be approved and sent straight to the printer or repro team, all within the application!

Clients can monitor and communicate with suppliers throughout the product development lifecycle using our gated approval process. Utilising the built-in tools to generate, share and visualise reports.

User Story

HG Walter


HG Walter, are an independent family-run butcher committed to changing the way people eat meat.

Established in 1972 by Peter Heanen, HG Walter has become one of London’s most respected butchers.


HG Walter approached NT Assure about adopting a specification system to manage their retail products.

They had no specification system in place and as their business was growing with around 3500 SKUs in the range, they wanted a system to manage their food information, pack copy and label compliance, which includes ingredients, nutrition, provenance, allergens, and dietary claims.


NT Assure had the solution for HG Walter, our software system Smart Retail manages product lifecycles, specifications, and has a pack copy solution.

The implementation of the solution was easy. HG Walters brought an off the shelf product, which could always be made bespoke later if required.

"Smart Supplier has provided HG Walter Butchers with a quick, simple and easy to use product lifecycle, specifications and pack copy solution.

The software enables collaborative working between us, our suppliers and manufacturing teams, ensuring regulatory compliance throughout NPD projects and for existing SKUs. The software that has been developed by NT Assure is fully bespoke, which meets our needs at HG Walter.

We have a significant range of Own Brand product data where we can manage our food information from mixing bowl to shelf (including ingredients, traffic lights allergens, nutrition, and dietary claims). The platform is easy to use, reduces time and we can easily create reports to visualise our data.

NT are a friendly and knowledgeable team. They are extremely helpful providing technical, regulatory and IT support with projects and they show an extreme passion for this platform and business solutions they offer.

This is the second business where I have used NT Assure and all platforms they provide. The main reason I keep going back for more, is their exceptional company values, I feel like one of the family. This DNA attribute shines through and is clearly at the heart of everything they do and want to be.  

Friends and family for life, and please don’t ever change!”

Tom Millington, Head of Technical

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