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A real time food specification platform that seamlessly connects clients to all their suppliers. Ensuring each ingredient, recipe and menu is live, accurate and validated.

The Result

Smart Supplier is the industry standard for cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) for hospitality businesses. Allowing clients to manage product data throughout the supply chain to the point of sale.

Smart Supplier validates supplier data at the point of entry assuring product data integrity for your business. The capture of ESG, commercial, distribution, ingredient, allergen and other dietary information is designed intuitively, it can be tailored to fit your unique business needs to simplify the data gathering process.

You have full control managing suppliers and product listings with the Smart Supplier workflow which supports the implementation of your business process to approve your supply chain data. We have a rich set of KPI charts and standard reports to measure your business and supplier performance, for example, to support your ESG and compliance policies.


User Story

Mitchells & Butlers


Established in 1898, Mitchells & Butlers are one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, managing a roster of hearty British brands such as Harvester, Miller & Carter and All Bar One.

In 2010, M&B decided to source a totally new supplier, specification and data management system that was logical and easy to use, provided by a supplier who could, in partnership with them, grow the business while providing brand protection across all product categories.


M&B were managing their product portfolio through documents which had been in place for many years. They wanted to simplify, increase & digitise the flow of data between their suppliers, technologists and food developers, and get products to market quicker.

Our focus was on providing an efficient and intuitive solution, which was easy to use for suppliers and M&B colleagues, assured product data and demonstrated due diligence, in particular for the accuracy of allergen and dietary information.


After 18 months in development, Smart Supplier was launched and was an immediate success with both M&B colleagues and their suppliers. Smart Supplier was developed to enable collaborative working between M&B and its suppliers, assure product data so that it could confidently offer customers a great choice of quality food and drink. Smart Supplier provided the platform for M&B to position its business as the market leader for real time point of sale allergen information across its entire estate of 1600 sites.

“Smart Supplier has provided us [Mitchells & Butlers] with an intuitive supplier management solution which enables us to work collaboratively and communicate infinitely better with our suppliers.

NT Assure were dedicated to building out a solution with us that could cope with our vast compliance needs as a market leading food & drink retailer to support us and our suppliers in the development of the highest quality products.”

Darryl Thomson, Former Head of Safety

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