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Our team of qualified consultants can be by your side every step of the way to protect your brand and customers.

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Legal Compliance

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Artwork consistency

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Allergen declaration check

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Product name approvals

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Ingredient verification

Don’t just take our word for it…


specification approvals
each year


label approvals each year


customer satisfaction rating

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Pack copy approvals

We’ll check product names, allergens and ingredients before artwork so you can avoid potential errors and costly reprints.

Legal Compliance

Your labels need to be descriptive and attractive, but they need to comply with labelling laws. We’re here to help you get everything right first time.

Brand consistency

You might not always be able to present your products exactly how you want – but we’ll help you produce artwork that aligns with your brand vision while staying compliant.

Assure Retail

Been looking for a system where you can manage pack copy all in one place? That’s where Assure comes in.

Use Assure Retail to create specifications, communicate with your suppliers and generate compliant, accurate labels in just a few clicks.

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