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Don’t get caught out by trading standards and produce detailed, accurate specification documents for all your products.

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Expert attention
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Don’t just take our word for it…


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Stay on the right side of labelling laws

We’ll make sure your labels are accurate and not misleading – whatever your food contains, we’ll check that everything’s declared.

We’ll verify your claims

We can help you check that everything you’re claiming about your food is accurate, checking every single detail on every specification

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Expert attention to detail

Whether you’re a small business with spreadsheets or a nationwide enterprise with your own software, our team will work alongside yours at every step.

Assure Supplier

Been looking for a system where you can manage pack copy all in one place? That’s where Assure comes in.

Use Assure Retail to create specifications, communicate with your suppliers and generate compliant, accurate labels in just a few clicks.

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